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ive got a 1995 318i with 180k on her, shes been an awsome car but lately shes developd a bit of an issue. On cold starts (35 degrees or so) she strats up fine idles fine for 1-2 seconds then the revs drop and she acts like she wants to stall, she has only stalled once while doing this. most of the time im still in the car so i tap the gas quick and she revs up and proceeds to run just fine for the remainder of the trip.

Any suggestions? i tried looking up this issue first but i cant seem to find any spcific ideas as to why it would do this. :dunno:

also the thermostat is stuck open (has been since i got her) dunno if that has anything to do with a possible issue. (dont worry its getting replaced i have the new one its just effin cold out and shes going in the garage as soon as the whitestuff flies up here so i'll just do it then)

as always any help is appretiated and thanks in advance, :thumbup:
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