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Hi, I drive a 2008 320D e92 I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this with their gearboxes and could help me identify what the problem is. I went to 2 different garages and they never came across this problem and just think that I need a new gearbox and BMW want to do a diagnostics (€95) etc first before they even say anything to me.

This usually happens on the motorway or whenever I'm cruising at 70-120kph and my gearbox wants to switch from 5th-6th sometimes this from 4th-5th gear. The cog with an exclamation mark comes on and my gearbox goes from whatever it was at to 3rd gear instantly even if I'm doing 120 and doesn't allow me to change to any higher gear until I stop and restart the car.

Here is my attempt to record this problem in action and the explanation of the light from the manual


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