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Hi there

Recently acquired an 08 plate 320i M Sport Touring with just over 30000 miles recorded. Due to an intervening holiday I have not had much opportunity to get in many miles to check everything out.

However on the few trips I have made, I have experienced an occasional "flat spot" in the acceleration when pulling away in 1st or 2nd gear. It manifests itself as a hiccough in the engine as if it has lost power for a fraction of a second then picked up again. Haven't yet confirmed if it only happens on a cold engine but am continuing to monitor.

What I am asking is - Is this a known problem with the 320i engine? Is it a syptom of a problem with the engine management software or with the fuel system or something else?

It is not really a major issue but I would like the car to run smoothly if possible. It also worries me that the engine may die completely when it is most needed ( pulling out at a junction)

One reason I pose the question is that it is very reminiscent of a problem I had with a 2.0 TDI VW Passat I bought from new about 6 years ago. After several trips back to the dealer they eventually had to fully reprogramme the engine software before the falt spot was cured.
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