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325Ci Coupe tire pressure ques. - DJ not right

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OK, I did a search and couldn't find an answer to this - I went out to check my tire pressure this morning since I've got a bit of a drive to Palm Springs this afternoon for work. My '01 325Ci has the SP so I've got 225/45/ZR17 Dunlop SP Sport 2000s all around and the door jamb tire pressure gauge doesn't accomodate for this.
for 225/45/R17s all around it's 33F 38R
for 225/45/ZR17 in front it expects you to have 245/40/ZR17s in back and 30F 35R

I set it to 30F 35R this morning and around a turn I usually hit on my way to work (National towards Motor from the eastbound exit of the 10 for those familiar with L.A.) I tapped the gas and felt the back end jump out a little and loose traction :yikes: (though my DSC light didn't flash). This has never happened while I was running 30F and 30R.

Any thoughts? Who else has an '01 325Ci with the SP and 225/45/ZR17s all around and what are you running at?

Thanks for the help!
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I run 32F/35R, and the rear has always stayed planted, even at very high speeds/corners. I find that 32/35 has a nice medium between a little comfort, and control.

..but I'm also not a fan of Dunlops. That could be your problem right there....the 2000E's suck :thumbdwn:
I find your pressure settings confusing. A higher pressure rear than front promotes understeer. These cars already understeer bad from the factory.

I use the same (32) all around on the street and add 2 psi to the fronts to bring in a bit of oversteer.

I'm runnimg the SP on street and track and I have the sport suspension.

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