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325i and got the steering retrofit!

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Granted...I've been calling BMWNA about this since last July.'s nice to know that BMWNA will still do a retrofit on my 02/01 build 325i. Apparently the parts have been sitting at BMW of San Francisco for quite some time and no one called me about it! I only found out b/c I scheduled an oil change with them.

Thanks BMWNA! :thumb:

BTW, has anyone had their steering retrofit done at BMW of SF? Any problems?
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just curious...can you guys post the list of parts included in your retrofit?I also have a 325i with SP and I got my retrofit done a couple of months ago. I'll post my list later...the invoice is sitting in the glovebox. I just have the feeling they didn't install all the parts..although I do like the retrofitted steering better....I don't think its just psychological!! I remember looking at someone else's retrofit list and he had more parts listed on the invoice. I just had the main steering rack and maybe some nuts. I dont think I even have a new universal joint or whatever its called.
robg said:

Do you have the same issue that me, Rchoudry and others have noticed w/ the retro steering:
Looseness on center and great tendency to tramline or wander on the highway? If not, maybe the fact that they left your orignal coupler is a good thing! Which dealer did you use?

Search the archives on this board for the parts list-- it gets posted a lot. I just don't have it in front of me...
Nah, I don't have the looseness problem, but it does tramline a lil bit. But its not that bad. Plus I think the fact that my Turanzas have like 23000 miles on em contributes....I think worn tires make tramlining worse...

I got mine done here at BMW of Fairfax in No. VA.
robg said:

WOuld you happen to have your alignment print-out from when they did you steering retrofit? If so, would you mind posting the specs that they used (especially the front left and right toe angle)

DOH!! I forgot to grab the printout again from my glovebox! :tsk:
I'll definitely get it and post the list of parts and also the specs after lunch...unless I forget again, which is possible. :rolleyes:
oh damn...I never got an alignment printout... :rolleyes:
All I got is the invoice that says 'Four wheel alignment and center steering wheel'. And the parts installed:

2 32-41-1-093-597 seal ring
2 32-41-1-093-596 seal ring
1 32-13-6-753-438 rmfd steering box
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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