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325i and got the steering retrofit!

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Granted...I've been calling BMWNA about this since last July.'s nice to know that BMWNA will still do a retrofit on my 02/01 build 325i. Apparently the parts have been sitting at BMW of San Francisco for quite some time and no one called me about it! I only found out b/c I scheduled an oil change with them.

Thanks BMWNA! :thumb:

BTW, has anyone had their steering retrofit done at BMW of SF? Any problems?
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Cool. I recently had a retrofit done on my 325i as well (but not in SF). Does you car have the sport pkg? I've had a problem (as well as some other owners) w/ the retrofit steering. It seems that at hghway speeds there is a loose on center feeling and that the car tramlines badly ( you have to hold onto the wheel tightly). Hasn't happened to everyone-- but we haven't found a solution to the problem yet (tried alignments, tire pressures, etc). Other people say that they love their retrofit and have no problems. It does make the steering feel firmer at lower speeds which is nice-- but I was also hoping for a more solid highway feel-- i'm hoping that I can get this resolved. You'll also get more feedback and loading up in turns-- which is also great. In retrospect, I'd rather have my old steering that atleast tracked straight although it was lighter and not as communicative. Of course, if I can make my current steering tramline less and feel less loose in the center then I'd prefer it. At this point I don't know whether its an aligment issue, an installation isssue or a problem w/ the rack or other related components. It seems like its something simple like too little toe-in but apparently this hasn't solved the problem for another member (rchoudry). IF you decide to proceed, please give us a review! The silver lining to my current issue is that it makes me only want to drive the car on curvy roads-- straight highways drive me nuts w/ the steeirng going all over the place.
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Do you have the same issue that me, Rchoudry and others have noticed w/ the retro steering:
Looseness on center and great tendency to tramline or wander on the highway? If not, maybe the fact that they left your orignal coupler is a good thing! Which dealer did you use?

Search the archives on this board for the parts list-- it gets posted a lot. I just don't have it in front of me...

WOuld you happen to have your alignment print-out from when they did you steering retrofit? If so, would you mind posting the specs that they used (especially the front left and right toe angle)

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