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325i and got the steering retrofit!

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Granted...I've been calling BMWNA about this since last July.'s nice to know that BMWNA will still do a retrofit on my 02/01 build 325i. Apparently the parts have been sitting at BMW of San Francisco for quite some time and no one called me about it! I only found out b/c I scheduled an oil change with them.

Thanks BMWNA! :thumb:

BTW, has anyone had their steering retrofit done at BMW of SF? Any problems?
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Hi robg,

Thanks for your comments. I do have SP, but I've already got a lot of shakiness when going straight on the highway at high just won't go straight and the slightest nudge on the steering wheel will just about send me into the next lane. I was hoping the retrofit would fix that. :eek:

I'm scheduled to get the retrofit on 4/1, so hopefully the result won't be an April fools joke. I'll definitely post a review then.

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