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There is absolutely no difference in measured air flow in INPA when i connect and disconnect the MAF sensor, even went as far as testing the MAF being connected, but the whole sensor being taken OUT of the intake tube, which in my opinion should make the car go crazy - absolutely NO difference. The car has all of the usual broken MAF symptoms.
When I connect the MAF, I can see the Intake Air Temperature reading react (goes from -49C to an obviously adequate reading), but the Measured Air does not react whatsoever. One of my theories was the connector not making a good connection, but i tightened the pinholes with a needle and still no difference. The reason I'm making this thread is I cannot find a used known good MAF to test with, or a car like mine, so my only way of actually testing is buying a new MAF, but since this one's manufacture date is 2017, I'm suspecting someone maybe changed it because of the same problems, but the problem didn't get resolved. Does anyone have an idea if maybe the ECU could be at fault? Or what other kind of tests and procedures I can do to narrow it down to the Airflow measuring part of the sensor being dead?
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