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325i need help?

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I bought a nice looking 93 325i bmw. Everything works but the windshield had a crack and the heatercore was bad I replaced both of them but still need a vin check. Guy who sold it to me said he would have the tittle next day. Next day comes I call n go looking for him. Find out he left state and isnt coming back what do I do??

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Go to your licensing bureau and explain. Then hope the car wasn't stolen. If so, file a police report. Next time never pay cash until the title is in hand.

Lesson learned.

Methinks this doesn't turn out well. :(

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this is exactly why i have not purchased any bridges.

after that third deal didn't turn out any better than the previous ones i don't bother anymore....:eek:

Well thanks for the info I hope its not stolen. I hope the tittle process goes well. So I should not put any money into the car yet right??

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I'd not spend a dime.

In fact, start looking under the seats. See if you can get something out of it at least...
Are you talking about change lol daim low blow but I guess what to do what to do

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Do a VIN check if it's not stolen then file for a new title show the person the receipt you got from the person you bought it from, you may have to file for a abandoned car wait for that to clear. What will happen is they will try to get in contact with the previous owner by mail to the last know address if they do not get a reply within so many days the car will be considered abandoned then they will ether transfer title to you automatically or then you have to file for a new title. DO PUT ANY MONEY INTO THIS CAR!!!!!! I had a guy try to do the same thing to me when I was trying to buy a Hellrot 325i from him, he wanted me to give $500 cash up front to hold the car until he got the title because he needed that amount to get it I said not a chance get me a title or go home get in touch with the person you got it from and I will hand over the $500 to him and the rest to the guy I was going to buy it from. He tried working me for about a week I finally told him to get F%$K and said I was going to call the Police on him never ever herd from him again and the ad he had on was gone later that day. If you need more information about this get in touch with with your local licensing Dept. and ask ?'s about it Just say your looking at buying a car and the guy can't come up with the title right away and you want to find out if it's stolen give them the VIN they may ask for a fee. Ask them if you buy it and he can't come up with the title what is the next step. They'll tell you everything you need to know or if you want to tell them you already bought it thats ok too. Good luck let us know how it goes...
Well I went to the dmv n told them my story they were very nice and said this happens sometimes. They gave me a packet of what to do I guess I would just start with a vin check n hopefully the car is not stolen I will post what they tell me when I get the vin check thanks for the info

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