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I have been driving E90 325i (its equipped with sport package), since July/06. From the beginning I noticed the car is pulling over too much to either right or left. I have to put force on steering to stay it straight. I can notice this pull too much, if i am braking the car an angle. Also, when i run over speed breakers slowly, the steering wheel rotates like its pulling over to a side.

So, I went to the dealer (Seattle), and they said that the car is road sensitive, and it should behave like that.So i left it for a while..

But, due to some Scratch i thought of changing my bumper after a year , during that time I have done my wheel alignment outside the dealer. Even after that I feel the same way, so I left it like that since then.

After 2 years now (17K) recently my friends driven my car (they have Audi & BMW 325i with no sport package) they complained about it. So again I decided to contact BMW of Memphis (I moved here).

They asked me to chain the tire and try the wheel alignment. But I’m not satisfied with their answer since I had this issue since from the beginning.

Is this common issue, is every one feel the same way who ever having the sports package? Or is this to do anything with wheel alignment.

Please advice me on this. What should I do now…and how should I fix this problem….
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