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325i telling me its overheating, but engine temp is fine. HELP!

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Ive got an E90 325i 2006, the amber temp warning came on, then immediately went to red, with the fan running continuously. The engine wasnt overheating, or hot and was diagnostic checked showing 90 degrees.

All fluids are ok, head gasket checked and ok. No leaks, and got a fault code telling me about a communication problem with water pump.

Im confused as water pump is obviously working, checked hoses in and out for warm water, and its not overheating!!!! ARRGGHH

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Sounds like a water pump issue to me!
I had a similiar issue with my 2006 325i this past weekend. My onboard display screen showed that my engine was overheating and to turn the vehicle off and let it cool. Had it towed to the dealership and found out that my thermostat was shot and also needed a new water pump.

Hope your news is better than mine!
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