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328 Engine Shudder

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When I start my 07 328 (N52 w/step) I notice what can best be described as an engine "shudder" for a second or so, then it goes away. I would not call it "severe", but it is noticeable. It is more noticeable when cold, but is also there when started warm. There is no obvious issue after that and the car seems to drive normally. The car has about 44K miles on it, but I have only really noticed this over the last couple of months (although it may have been doing it less noticeably before that).

Has anyone else noticed anything like this?

I first suspected motor mounts, but cannot see anything obvious on personal inspection. The car is not due for service for some time, but I will probably take it in to have this checked out anyway. Thought I would ask about it here first to help arm myself in case this is more common than I know. Thanks.