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Heres what I'm looking at. I've been told there is a calculation I can use to determine what the monthly rate should cost me but im inclined to think what i have already is a good deal

Cheapest car (produced not shipped) about 2 weeks away

Model 1139 328xi Cp S USD 39,550.00

Color 300 Alpine White N/C

Upholstery LCD1 Coral Red/black Dakota Leather N/C

Options ZPP Premium Package 1,950.00

319 Universal garage-door opener N/C

403 Moonroof N/C

430 Auto-dimming mirrors N/C

431 Auto-dimming rearview mirror N/C

488 Lumbar support N/C

4NA Digital compass mirror N/C

639 BMW Assist with Bluetooth N/C

ZVP Value Package N/C

459 Power front seats N/C

6FL iPod and USB adapter N/C

203 All-wheel drive N/C

205 STEPTRONIC automatic trans. N/C

2TM Transmission type controller N/C

494 Heated front seats 500.00

4BY Bamboo Anthracite Wood trim N/C

6AA BMW TeleServices N/C

6AB TeleService Control N/C

6VC Combox controller N/C

Net Total 42,000.00

Destination Charge 875.00

Gas Guzzler Tax N/C

Total Suggested Price 42,875.00

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 3:41:50 PM

Sale Vehicle: New 2011 BMW 3-SERIES 113* 2dr Cpe 328xi w/AC , Automatic , Odom: 0

Payment Details
Term 27
Base Payment 499.86
Total Payment 499.86
Purchase Option 31,298.75
MSRP 42,875.00
Est. Miles Per Year 10,000
Disposition Fee 350.00
Excess Mileage Charge 0.20

Amount Due at Signing
1st Month Payment 499.86
Acquisition Fee 725.00
Upfront Taxes 75.03
Total Inception Fees 1,299.89

Total Cash Required on Delivery $1299.89

thanks for the help! cant wait to get this bad boy!

<- Bailey
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What exactly does the term residuals mean here ? Remaining value later ?
In simple terms, yes, the amount they say the car will be 'worth' at lease end.


You buy 30K car = you pay 30K

You lease 30K car that they say will be worth 12K = you pay 18K
You lease 30K car that they say will be worth 20K = you pay 10K

Everything else is just dressing, how much in fees, how much the car costs up front (yes, you could negotiate that 30K down to 28.5K if you are able) and how much in interest for that 18 or 10K loan, how your state deals with sales tax, and a bunch of other distractions.

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You shold negotiate the price of the car as if you are buying it, then you pay for the lease on what you have negotiated the price to be. You never lease a car for sticker. Just like you would never pay sticker for the car if you purchased it.
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