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330Ci Delivery Time, Speaker Sizes & Alarm ?'s

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I posted this on the E46 forum, but I thought it would be good to post here also. ;)

I am new to this site and have already found it extemely helpful. I have a couple of questions.

I just put my order in last week (3/14) for a titanium silver 330ci and I got my production number that day. I called the 1800 number to find out the actual production week and they said the car won't be produced until week ending 4/12. :cry:

Does anyone know the typical wait time after the car is actually produced? I am guessing at least 4 weeks to ship and send to the dealership.

In the meantime I have been purchasing the upgrades for the audio system. So far I have ordered the Clarion VRX925VD 7" monitor dvd player, Clarion DVH920 dolby 5.1 digital processor with optional controller, Clarion DSH920S sirius satellite receiver w/antenna. I currently have the Infinity Basslink 10" sub and a Sony Explode 75x4 amp that I will be transferring from my old car.

I have a question about speaker sizes, I was told by a car audio place that 6.5 inches will fit in the front and rear doors. I have been reading that the dimensions are more like 5.25". I am going to purchase JL Audio speakers but I want to make sure I get the correct sizes. If you could give me the front & rear door sizes separately, that would be extremely helpful. I was also looking at purchasing a center channel speaker for the 5.1 digital surround sound. If anyone has done this, could you post pics and let me know what speaker you went with. I am trying to get ideas for mounting this center speaker.

My last question involves an aftermarket alarm system. I was looking at getting a viper, but I was curious if using the alarm remote deactivates all of the key programs (auto-mem for seat position, etc.). I don't want to get the aftermarket alarm if I lose all of the functionality of the key.

I know the wait is going to be extremely painful but in the meantime I guess I can continue to spend my money on upgrades for the car. :D
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Hi Ackster,

welcome to forum

Please no double-posting.


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Sorry about that. . . I wasn't exactly sure how it worked. . . thanks for the info:thumb:
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