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JPinTO said:
#1: It looks aggressive

#2: It's fairly rare

#3: factory paint quality

It's obviously not an M3... front and side spoilers are completely distinct, no gills and different rear bumper with a normal exhaust. It's no M3 wannabe... it's exactly what it is-- a factory aero pkg.

Plus it's the only pkg in Canada that gives you M68's... I'd get it in a heartbeat.
To many eyes, the front air dam looks quite a bit like the M3's.

In any case, my beef with the M Sport package is less of what it includes, but more of what it doesn't. There aren't really any parts in there that increase performance besides the suspension, and the jury is still out on how much of a sports setup it is relative to the standard settings. $5k+ is a lot to spend on cosmetic upgrades. I think anymore than 3 digits and you should register at DTM and live happily ever after.

All my humble opinion, of course.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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