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330i Auto- Loss of Power when accellerating

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Imp back again. After taking my 330i to the garage they seem to think I have a faulty ECU.
After driving the car and between 10 - 20mph the acceleration hesitated to pick up then when sluggish. Thereafter the car continued to rumble on 5 cylinders until I pulled over had to re start the engine. Everything was fine after that, and this happens most days. In top speeds its fine

The codes from the diagnostic computer were:

191 ( BF Oxygen Sensor, bank 2 , after catalytic converter, insufficient heat output
239 EF Misfire, Cylinder 2
001 Oil Fuel ignition, cylinder 2 activation
(190) BE Oxygen Sensor, bank 1 , after catalytic converter, insufficient heat output

My mechanic says the O2 sensor would not cause the problem that I am describing

My mechanic is experienced and before running his own BMW garage he worked for BMW.
When he test drove the car he could not replicate the fault I was having when I drove it.
He feels that the ECU may be playing up as he has done various tests eliminated the injectors and No 2 cylinder. The problem must be electrical as when I re start the engine the car runs perfectly on all six cylinders?
If I send my ECU off to be repaired or tested I will have to pay £250.00 plus and this may not cure the problem. Could my fault be attributed to something else or is this the best road to go down? Should I just go to a BMW dealership and have them diagnose the fault? Any advice please