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I have a 06 330i, Automatic w Sport, Winter, Electronic, Sound packages....

I've been having a similar problem with the car not starting... but jump starting it has seemed to work. I lost the key I got when I bought the car and had a new key and it seems to be doing the same thing with a new key. Just the other day I brought it home and went back to go out and it wouldn't start. After I got it jumped I went and drove it. Everything was fine....

Now when I get in and start it up after drive for a short time or erratically the navigation and sound system shuts off and reboots.... I tried disconnecting the battery today to reset the computer and nav but it did it again when I was test driving it. Haven't had the battery checked yet. That's my main guess....

Also I have a halo light out on the driverside.. Has anyone taken the halo lights apart? If so which is the correct unit on the lamp and what's the best way to access it?
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