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330i sedan review

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I dropped my car off today for the steering retrofit. In it's place I got a 330i Sedan slushie. Here's my opinion:

So, it's a nice car. Steel Grey is very pretty and changes color in different light, I thought it was Steel Blue at first till I got up to the car.

It does not have the Sport Pack and I miss the sport seats, these are much harder. It does have the HK stereo which is nice, more bass.

The 330 has awesome brakes and if it were not for my getting a M3 I'd retrofit them like HACK did.
The 3.0 has more low end torque, some of which is eaten up by the slushie but is nice.

I LOVE the steering and can't wait for my car!! Very nice and positive! I noticed I tended to turn more than necessary, this is due to the reduced turns, lock to lock, of the new steering. I'm steering like I'm driving my car.

The "B" pillar is a PITA, and obstructs vision.
I'm sure this is different depending upon person adn seat placement. For me it's right where it should not be.

Overall the car is nice daily transportation. As 4 doors go I like my 5 series better even though the 330 has more power. Sport seats are a must!

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Re: Re: Re: 330i sedan review

Dave 330i said:

JP only has the 330 brakes up front. He was too cheap to get them all the way around. His excuse was he didn't need them. Sorry, JP.
Thanks alot! I never made an excuse, it was pure 100% cheapness! :D

Actually, from my experience the fronts do the bulk of the braking on every car. So I'm just doing the bang for the buck mods--- the fronts. I am thinking of doing the rears, but only to the 328's 11.6". That way I can save from having to do calipers.

Front&Rear 330 brake upgrade would run around $2k US!
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