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Hello e46 enthusiasts, I have been trying to figure out an issue with my 04 330i, where If I leave the car for few hours it does not start easily. if I do not press the gas paddle while turning the key, the rpm needle tends to die down. Initially I thought that it was the battery, so I replaced it, then I thought it could be the fuel pressure regulator so I took care of it by having the fuel filter replaced (newer models come with pressure regulator inside fuel filter).

I see no engine light and nothing comes up in the fault code reader. Typically the car runs excellent at certain times (I tend to say it mimics m3), but other times (especially when it starts poor) it drives sluggish with poor acceleration in mid range RPMs. I was thinking it could be camshaft position sensor, but since I see no dashboard waring, it might just be a wastage of $$ like it was with my earlier investments in a new battery and pressure regulator.

Any help/thoughts would be of great help.

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