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I am new to the forum. experiencing some confusion regarding my five speed clutch (with clutch stand) on an '02 330 xi with 54,000 miles. History: I swapped the CDV at around 35,000 and loved the positive grab and tremendous engagement. Later that winter, while backing up a steep and icy driveway, my boot slipped (icy film) and I briefly floored the accelerator while feathering the clutch to see if anyone was approaching the top of the driveway from the adjoining road. Yes, the acrid smell wasn't a good thing, yet I could still shift normally, but not as well. Recently, I had the car in for service and the BMW service manager said the car needed a new clutch at $1900. I had not disclosed the CDV swap, and he said the "racing clutch" was fried. The clutch still works, although some slip now and then, but nothing like the positive grab it first expressed. I've done some reading on line, and haven't read much good about the LUK self-adjusting OEM clutch. I KNOW I didn't like it before I swapped the CDV. Since the a new dual mass flywheel is $625 and the related clutch kit and labor costs round up close to the dealer figure, I wonder whether I should be looking at an aftermarket solution for a longer term clutch. I'd appreciate recommendations for further research. Thank you very much in advance.
(Also own a '91 325ix 5 speed and driven clutch cars of various makes and quality for 30 years now.)
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