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I know there where a lot of inquires on these two models, so here is ALL I have at this time. 5/31/09
See below for 3 SDNS and 5's
.9% 60m for Both

Loy. $ factor
328i/xi cp-.00150
328i vert- .00180

335i/xi cp-.00175
335i vert- .00180

Loy. Cash $1000

24-30-36 months
328i cp 60/60/58
328 xi cp 61/60/58
328i vert 62/60/58

335i cp 60/59/57
335xi cp 61/59/57
335i vert 61/59/56

All at 15k, +2 12k, +3 10k.
I'm done at 6 so I'll have limited response. But I'm sure West coast will jump in.

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This may be a stupid question, but do you have to take delivery before April 30th to take advantage of the loyalty stuff? I had planned on ordering a 335i cp this month to replace my 330i as the lease ends in June.

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So if I am reading this correctly.

They are now offering loyalty rates for 335 Coupes?


and $1000 loyalty cash.

BUT you must take delivery by May 31 to get the rate and cash.

Or can you take delivery after May 31 and still get the loyalty rate, but NO cash?

A 30 month lease doesn't sound too bad!
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