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Had a 2008 328i. Just bought a 2011 335D with 62,xxx on it.

Like an idiot, let my fuel get critically low, topped it off (with vehicle running, dont hate me), drove for about 20mi. Shut down the car, came out about two hours later, hit the start button, and she cranked for about 15 seconds before igniting. Cranks sounded very powerful, battery tests fine.

About 10 starts later and I'm still having the same issue... Cold or warm start, doesnt make any difference.

Any suggestions? Vehicle is out of factory warranty, I did purchase an aftermarket warranty, but it does not cover diagnostics. Once started, the vehicle drives amazingly, no additional issues. Not throwing codes, nothing on the useless iDrive computer to indicate any trouble.

Vehicle is stored in a garage kept at 79F, thinking its not a glow plug issue. Most likely some sediment sucked up?

Also, if anyone has a service manual for the 335D I will forever be in debt to you :)
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