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Bought an 07 335i Sedan in October put winter tires on my stock OEM wheels, but am now looking for new wheels with summer tires. Any suggestions? Unfortunately probably can't afford OEM so looking for decent M3 reps most likely. Wheel/tire combo would work as I have my new Bridgestone runflats that came with the car (used less than 2 months) that I will most likely sell. First time posting, appreciate any help. thanks.

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I suggest looking into Velocity Motoring (VMR) or Avant Garde (AG).

Both manufacturers offers great looking wheels and most styles are available in 18" or 19" in your price range.

We can package any of these wheels with tires for a ready to install setup as well.

Feel free to shoot me a PM / E-Mail or call if you had any questions. :D


VMR V710

VMR V701

Avant Garde M310

AG M335 (no longer available in Diamond Black)

AG M341

Avant Garde M368

We also offer custom colors on Avant Garde and VMR Wheels.

Other suggestions just for good measure :)

Miro Type 942s

M6 Reps

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