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Hey Jon, I've posted this in the general forum and someone suggested that I put it here. I greatly appreciate your expertise in this area.

It seems kinda tricky you can get a much lower payment by just going for 3 months more on a lease. Is this any kind of scheme by the dealer? Are they making more money with this?

I'm about to sign for my Jet Black 2003 325Ci PP/SP/HK/Xeons with 20% tints all around and floor mats included.

The final price is $34969.50. 39 months at $566.79 or 36 months at $601.18. Both require security deposit of $600 and first month's payment to drive off. These are final figures and include tax and whatnot.

For the 39 month he has me at a residual of 59% and .0025 money factor. The 36 month is 60% residual.

I asked about a quote if I pre-paid my lease and he came back with 60% residual and a .0235 money factor! I thought if you pre-paid you didn't pay a % for financing, which leads me to believe my dealer is money hungry and getting me in several spots.

Is this a reasonable deal or should I negotiate more with my dealer? Any help will greatly be appreciated! This is a big purchase for me. Thanks!

- Sean

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"Split-term" leases are an effective tool or means of obtaining
a lower lease payment... Recall past discussions on leasing;
leasing is nothing more than depreciation + rent.
The 39 month term in many instances uses the same
(or just barely lower) residual value than a 36 month lease.
Consequently, you have less monthly depreciation, and a lower payment! :)

There is no extra profit or benefit to the dealer for doing this!
(Lessors stagger their maturites though!)

Btw, a "prepay" lease should have exactly the same residual value as a conventional lease...
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