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3m ihg

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i need to glaze my car as i have a lot of fine scratches (like swirls, but straight). any tips on how to apply? how long will the whole process take? and is car care the best place to buy it? oh and last question, which zaino products should i get? by that i mean which wash and wax and other applications do people recommend? thanks
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I've used the 3M hand glaze, just apply it like you do a liquid wax. I certainly would "prep" the finish before hand, by washing with Dawn to strip the old wax off, then (optional) clay bar it, then apply the 3M hand glaze, and finish it off with a wax of your choice.

I got good results from the 3M HG with the minor scratches, but if you want to talk specific products for swirls, you should really try the P21S Paint Cleaner, it too removes swirls and I cannot tell you how estatic I was about this product. I ended up giving away my 3M stuff to the neighbor. :D
I use the Red Foam(sponge) Wax applicator from Griots, but any sponge applicator from pep boys or similiar store should do. The finer the foam sponge, the better. Dampen it, wring it out so no water is dripping(This keeps the product from absorbing into the sponge and sitting on the surface of the sponge) then pour alittle 3M onto the sponge and work it into the finish, do 2 foot areas at a time, remove it before it completely dries, do the next section. That's how I did it.
Well, it started out as a question to Steve from "The Wax Test" website...I asked "would you still use P21S paint cleaner even if you plan to polish out the swirls good polish?" His first email is below, then his second email is also below regarding P21S Paint cleaner. FYI: I was VERY skeptical when I bought the stuff (only $10) but VERY pleased with the results...actually quite astounded by the results!

Ripsnort said: I have a question for you:I really like this Machine Polish #3 (fine) from Griots, I use it to level the finish (Eliminate swirls) prior to using any wax, do you still recommend the paint cleaner even though I will be clay-barring,and leveling with polish?
Advanced thanks!

Steve Replied:

Yeah, I'd still use it. Here's why:

- We all use the Griot's #3, too, and while it's a great product, the P21S
cleaner really added some extra "ooomph" to our test panels, and our test
vehicle (we put it on Rob's Audi).

- When we prepped the panels with our Meg's stuff, they looked great. We
applied the P21S cleaner over the panel and said, "no way! this stuff is

- The surface will feel extra, extra smooth after you clay, #3 & P21S clean
it. You won't believe the difference (we couldn't).

- We're not sure what type of voodoo they're using with that product, but it
has worked great for us so far...

Take care,
2nd email:

Ripsnort Emailed:
One other question pertaining to the P21S "cleaner"...if you have polished,
you inevitably have a 'new clear coat' so to you really think the
cleaner actually brings out the best of the clear coat? Or do you think it
penetrates the clear coat and enhances the paint?

Steve Replied:
Technically, it's not possible for a product to penetrate the clear coat, as
the clear coat is just another layer of paint (only harder)...that's what
Jim tells us.

What I think happens with the p21s is that there's some sort of
nutrient/oil/etc in there that is able to really deepen then shine and fill
in any remaining flaws. Also, on our test panels, of which some had clear
coat and others did not (or had very little), I think the ps1s was very
effective at "feeding" the paint, in addition to what the other products had
already done.

Products like Griot's #3 seem to clean the surface, but they don't really
seem to feed it like the p21s did. I've also noticed that the Pinnacle
cleansing lotion does an excellent job of feeding the paint too, as did
Meguiar's Medallion... something about those products just gave the paint
an extra (quoting Emeril) BAM! or something...can't explain it, but it was
much better than plain 'ole wax.

I think the cleansing stuff costs like $10 - or right around there; we've
ordered so much stuff I don't recall what everything cost. For $10, it
really does a great job. Just be sure to "work it in" to the surface; it
seems like the more time you spend with that stuff, the better the results.


What ISM409 said! :)
Incidently, everyone seems to have a slightly different method of their "detail schedule", but the most important part is not the type of product you use, but the finish preparation and application of the products.
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