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4 New bimmers stolen in broad daylight from dealership!

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This has to be the craziest dealership. 4 bimmers stolen in from a Mississauga dealership (Ontario, Canada) in broad daylight. They managed to get the keys from the showroom, cut open a fence and steal 4 bimmers :dunno: Hopefully they were demos and not waiting for delivery. Cant imagine waiting months just to be told your car was just stolen.... :cry:

4 bimmers stolen
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The missing vehicles are a $95,000 2002 745 series four-door silver BMW worth $95,000
really? that's what that one's worth?

remember, those are canadian dollars...much higher figures up there.
LOL, they give out the descriptions of the cars like they're murder suspects.

I can see it now: the resale value of every silver E65, grey or black X5 and silver 320i just dropped. Then the truly good citizens will start questioning the owners of cars that fit the description.

Also, I wanna know where I can get a 2002 E46 for $30k! Maybe Mississauga BMW can tell me...

BTW Cowboy, some people on this board will argue that the E65 isn't worth 95 cents :eek:.
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