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I am curious what the forum would have to say about this issue:
I have a ‘15 435ix gran coupe with 38k miles. I bought it with 34k earlier this year. It has the adaptive suspension. When I drive the car, on certain bumps, I hear what almost sounds like a double thunk (like th-thunk) when the front left wheel goes over certain types of bump (usually man hole covers). If the right front wheel hits something similar, it makes a singular sound (thunk). If both wheels hit something at the same time, I get a singular thunk as well. It’s a hollow sound, not metallic. My Indy replaced the front two adaptive struts. I’ve replaced the front control arms on both sides. Sound was still there. My indy spent a number of hours (which they didn’t charge me for, which was awesome) and used chassis ears as well as removed the sway bar links and trim to try and isolate the sound to no avail. They lent me the chassis ears, but I couldn’t hear anything weird from the suspension. The ears were put on the tie rod ends, steering rack, strut tower. I re-replaced the front right strut for a second time, as well as all the torque-to-yield bolts, and upper strut bearing.

While my car is after the batch that had the steering rack issues, I also added the bmw steering rack thrust piece out of an abundance of caution. No luck. The car drives fine, tracks well, no tramlining. Highway is great, very smooth and probably too loud to hear any weird sounds.

Any areas I’m missing? Any simple items that you’ve found caused sounds? I’ve gone over all the main culprits. Nothing seems obviously loose or rattling around. Thanks!
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