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I have a problem with the 4B10 Smooth running controller error quantity to high 6 injectors were checked and the injector on cilinder 6 six is twoo time changed with new injector but the fault code 4b10 keep coming back and with a smooth running test i see that the new injector on cilinder 6 runs +2.2 en the others injectore are the same.
Can somebody help please ?

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Can somebody help please ?
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4B10DDE: Smooth running controllerd73n57c0DDE US-diesel fuelView
Fault Information

Fault Code Description
The fault code is set when the system deviation of the smooth-running controller of at least one cylinder exceeds the maximum value (between 4.9 mg and 5.9 mg) dependent on the injection quantity.
Fault Code Conditions
General ConditionsThe fault check takes place when smooth-running control is active.
Control unit voltage: 9.5 V to 16 V.
Terminal Condition
Driving Conditions
Fault Time Condition
The fault is entered if it is present for longer than the following period (debounce time): 15000 ms
Service Plan
1. Check retaining clips of fuel injectors.
2. Check intake ports and intake valves for sooting (excessive oil loss from crankcase ventilation system can cause sooting, especially when predominantly driving short distances).
3. Check compression, if compression is OK:
Perform smooth running measurement, replace affected injector.
Fault Impact
Warning LightsNone
Control Center Messages
Service Notes
Important when replacing the injectors: Cleaning of the contact surface of the injector sealing ring. A drive with high load and engine speed can reduce the correction quantity.
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