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Hello everyone!
I am hoping to find some answers and a solution to my problem.
I've been searching this past week, troubleshooting etc. but it brought me no where so here I am.

525i E60 2007
190.000 km (118k miles)

Waterpump and Thermostat have been changed when i first got the car because there was an error code related to waterpump.

2 Weeks ago i got the message "engine overheated, drive moderately" with limp mode.
I stopped and let it cool before driving back home.
Tested the waterpump using inpa and the gas pedal method.
No leaks!!
Also tested the radiator fan using inpa. Both are working on command BUT.
When idling the waterpump status is at constant 15% and the radiator fan at 7% even when the coolant temp reaches 110° (230°fahrenheit).
I just had the coolant changed because it was wrong color and about 90% water. Now OEM bmw coolant and distilled water.
If i turn on the heater, waterpump status goes up to 76% and the car doesn't overheat.

Driving moderately, the coolant temp keeps rising, until i turn on the heater ( i usually do the front windshield cause it goes full blast). Now here's the catch. Sometimes cold air comes out and the car keeps getting hotter unless i restart the engine, then hot air comes out and the temp drops from 118° (240°fahrenheit) to 90°(195°) in a matter of 3 seconds.

Also a question. When idling with heater OFF, I see no circulation in the coolant reservoir, and as mentioned inpa says 15% on the waterpump. Is this normal? And when is the radiator fan supposed to activate?

.) 2 Mechanics said it might be head gasket or a crack in the cylinder head itself. (There is no excessive smoke/oil in coolant) and while it might be true, i learnt in the past that they usually don't know what they're talking about and it's better to ask on forums like this.

.) Occasionally on cold starts i get CEL and limp mode (misfire on cyl 5 and 6) and it goes away after restart or few minutes of driving. (I've read about it and it's probably coils/injectors). The error codes are the reason the mechanic thinks its the cylinder head.

.) When i got back from a 300km trip last week, upon turning off the engine i got a message saying low oil level. The Overheating had already come 2 days ago, I drove with the heater on to prevent overheating.
Today i checked the oil and it's on max. Heard somewhere that a faulty oil level sensor might cause overheating.

.) Since I got the car there's been a nox ageing and sensor error codes (they dont go away)

I hope you guys can help me out here
I apologize if I forgot to mention something of importance, I will be active and awaiting responses and ready to answer any open questions.
Thanks in advance
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