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Bought it almost 3 months ago and seems to be finding issues one after the other.
First it was the air duck that got smashed on the front passenger side (replaced it). Second, the windshield pump did not work and the spray nozzle (replaced it).

Did a maintenance replacing the water pump, belts, pulley and tensioner. Replaced expansion tank (nozzle broke). Replaced the cowl, replaced the rubber hose (snake) and the nozzle from the radiator to the snake broke also.

Smoke coming out on the engine on several occasions. Took valve cover out and there was a crack on the # spark plug area. Bought a new one installed and got it running. Smoke coming out again during test run. Seems that everytime if bleed the system that is when it happens (turning the heater on high). Can't believe what is happening.

Anyway, I drove the car to work today (bought a fire extinguisher and just being ready for the worse). Got to work and nothing happened (after showing it to my Buddy who has done by water pump replacement).

Any idea what is going on? I am still not very comfortable driving it long distance.
My Buddy said it is OK. I need more reassurance. Any advice?

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