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Hi All

first post here after a high number of searches, but nothing like mine...anyway... hope you guys can help !

2008 530i (i assume it is the N53 engine)

Symptoms: Engine idle hunting very roughly, shaking the whole car and stalling
Conditions: Only on extremely hot days/when driving for awhile (45+ minutes) and very hot weather. Does not occur when engine is cold.

Additional Symptoms: May not be related, but i also have a strong smell of petrol/exhaust fumes in the cabin, which leads me to believe i potentially have a cracked manifold or maybe leaking exhaust manifold gasket...not sure if related though.

I have had a few looks in the engine and underneath and i do have some oil leakage/seepage... can't see from where though.
any thoughts ? a few of my friends have advised it could be a vaccum leak, but if that is the case, why does it happen only when hot ? possible heat expansion of metal causing the leak...therefore only occurs when extremely hot ?

any help or experiences would be great...

thanks guys !!

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