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530i SMG Sprint Booster...

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Guys pardon me for my ignorance but I just ordered the Sprint Booster (Automatic) for my 2007 530i SMG, my concern is that after installation how much of a difference will I feel when driving in auto mode. Right now in the auto mode (without the SB) there is a real drag when switching between gears 1 & 2, however in the sports-auto mode the lag decreases but is still fairly imminent. My question is how big of a difference will the SB make to my current D mode experience (specially when I drive within the city). Any input would be appreciated...
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It will make no difference at all. Sprintbooster does nothing more then change the response of the throttle. So if you pushed say half inch on the gas pedal the car goes 40MPH or whatever. With Sprintbooster you push a half inch down and the car goes 60MPH. It just changes the response of the throttle not the overall performance of shifts or anything like that.

Forget using auto with SMG. Reason why you have pauses in shifts is the system is trying to shift as comfortabilty as possible for all drivers(its a set time for each shift that you can't change without pushing the sport button and then its set at a shorter time). If your like me and like your shifts quicker then auto mode will never work for you ever. Nobody shifts a manual at the same speed every time. Different driving conditions that come on a simple trip to the mall and back will require different times in shifting. Auto mode is set to the Sunday driver side. If you ever drove a M3/M5/M6 with the full blown SMG you'll see why auto mode shifts slower in the 5 series. Very hard for your avg. person to hop in and drive an SMG M3 in auto mode on one of the higher settings without being jerky and rough. In the M cars you got a different driver so you can have the quicker settings and those drivers are willing to take the time to learn. But your avg. 5 series buyer is expecting a smooth ride. SMG auto is just asked to do too much is what it all comes down to and BMW set it up geared more towards smoothness then aggressive driving. New dual clutch systems resolves this problem and is the real future of the clutchless manual.

Drive in manual with sport on and enjoy. Manual mode is smoother in heavier traffic even then auto is so I guess I just don't understand why you'd ever want to be in auto unless your using launch mode.
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