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Hello everyone, just looking for some advice on my situation. I have a 2008 535xi with 190xxx KMS (~120k miles). I was only getting heat from the passenger side and not the drivers side.

I took it the mechanic and he said it wasn't the actuator and wanted $1600 for the heater core replacement so i decided to do it myself. I got the heat core out today but it looks fine (no leaks) im not sure if it's partially clogged. I put water through the center inlet and it seemed to take longer to come out one of the outlets than the other, and one seemed to have more turbulent flow than the other. A little bit of particles (gunk) came out but nothing major at all. I'm not sure if it is supposed to be that way or not depending on how the heater core is actually designed.

My question is the heater core was supposed to be in 2 days ago when I started the project but my auto shop said there was an issue and wont be in until weenesday. Should i just put it all back together since it maybe something else and also save the $160 for a new heater core? Im leaning towards waiting for the new one but im not sure if there's a point. If this isnt my problem and its not the actuator what else should i look into?

Also, as i am this far into the project is there anything else i should look at fixing/doing?

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