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540i & 528i - How were they optioned from the factory?

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Dealer Question:

Trusting that it's not an imposition, can a dealer with access to this information tell me how the following two (2) cars were optioned from the factory?

2000 540iA (VIN: WBADN6343YGM69734)

2000 528i/5-speed (VIN: WBADM5346YBY17388)

The 540i is a 21,000-mile CPO car with warranty to 8/2006. The 528i is a 24,000-mile car from a private-party seller. The price aside, what advice/recommendations/warnings would anyone offer concerning a choice between the 2 cars. FWIW, the price differential is around $4K.

Thanks for the opportunity to request your expert assistance.


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Help please? Thanks.
A warranty on a BMW is a BIG factor. Keep that in mind.
pjt said:
Help please? Thanks.
If you buy the 528i you might later regret not getting the other one instead.
If you buy the 540i you will never regret not getting the other one instead.
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