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Hi folks...bought a black on black 95 540i 6-speed with 235k on it on third bimmer and first car in about 8 years...

I just LOVE it, and overall unbelievable shape but was aware of a fairly significant judder between 1500-2500 rpm on acceleration, and a very slight and intermittent "graunch" noise when shifting into 4th gear with a maybe slightly lazy clutch application...There is no insane uphill free revving like when the clutch is gone completely, but it is definitely less than completely linear and smooth. Should I go ahead and assume clutch, or are there other things to check first? I heard there is some kind of valve on the later ones?

Anyone know if other E34 clutches fit, or if the later clutch (from a 96) would fit, I noticed they are a couple hundred cheaper in my admittedly brief research. Has anyone done or had a clutch done on these and aware of labour costs? I guess not a parking garage and socket set kind of job?

Where do you guys shop for parts? What's the best quality/value site out there? Which manual does everyone use, Haynes, Bentley, or other? Is there a parts compatability guide anywhere?

Thanks for any assistance you can render! Photos coming soon...
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