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540i or 323i

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Ok guys here is my history, 4 months ago i change my white 1995 e36 318 for a 1998 e39 540i , is good car but when i change my e36 i know that the e39 need some repairs, i spend like 5,000 bucks, but.... two weeks ago i suspect that my car have trans problem because when i drove in highway in the i fill and intermitency in the car's power, is like little brakes every 5 seconds, but only on the last gear. Today one guy show me him 1999 323i with 2 weeks paint job, 20" wheels(also he offer the stock wheels), 85,000 miles and nothing to repair(at least i not find nothing bad for now), the cars looks new , only need a window actuator and he want to buy it, he want to change it for my car because he want to repair the 540's trans.

What you think about that, i know the 540 is a powerful car, but is my daily car and i spent much $$$ in gas, and i not need power because i have a nissan 350z twin turbo :thumbup::bigpimp:(greddy), i like the car because is mor friendly car, parts are more easy to find and pay and here in Puerto Rico those e46 have more value than the e39!!!!!! here the people prefeer the 3 series, i not know why, but is much popular the littles BMW, so i need opinions please! thanks
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I'm pretty sure the early 3 series E46, like the one you are looking at, had a problem with the front subframe falling off, obviously not good. MY 99 was the first year of the E46, so it will be least reliable of the E46's, and were known to have a lot of problems so exchanging one headache for another is not recommended. I would go with a newer 3 series where they have the problems worked out better, but do not get an AWD one (xi) because they are almost as thirsty as a 540i. I'm not trying to convince you to keep the 540, but trading it for the 323 would be a bad move in my opinion. I didn't understand most of the last portion of your post because it is very poorly written, you should take an extra 30 seconds to edit some of the errors in your post.
There is nothing wrong with your transmission...the jutters (braking) you feel is the transmission searching for the right gear so to speak, its deciding to change to a lower gear but can't because you are probably just cruising at a speed where top gear is ok but not desirable, take it out of D and put it into S or otherwise if your car is a steptronic use M manual gearing. The car is designed to do 200+ on Autobahns in top gear, not city driving in top gear at 40 mph LOL

If you had a tranny prob, you'd be stuck on the side of the road..relax and enjoy your ride...plant the foot a little and USE ALL of the transmission for what its designed for.

that should read 200kph not mph :p
I know that, but i put the trans in S and still the problem, i drive like 75mph when that happen, also this happen all times when cruise in the last gear, also make a soung like wind. is like a pulling feeling every 5 seconds.
What did you spend 5k on for repairs?

You've invested 5k into the car; it's not worth selling now for 10k.

A 323 will have disappointing power, and seriously, 20" rims? On a three series? I've heard Viagra is getting cheaper every day. Sounds like someone needs some.
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