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540i Water Pump/Oil Question

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I'm looking at a 2000 540i 6spd and the owner describes it as having a couple problems that I'm wondering if they are known as common issues and what it would take to get them fixed.

In addition to the water pump squeaking, he says oil is leaking into the engine so after the car is turned off and sits for a bit it makes smoke upon startup. He said it doesn't smoke after it has been running for a little bit.

Not sure if the two issues are related or not. Is the water pump built in to the block and a PIA to replace? Any idea what could have failed to let oil leak into the engine when off?
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it has a bad CCV (smoke)

water pump not built into block but kinda annoying to replace, nothing crazy

issues are unrelated.
Thanks for the info. Looking around on the forum for CCV replacement, it doesn't look too terribly hard, even if I have to take the manifold off.
There is a DIY on the CCV without removing manifold, though I can't imagine working in such a tight space. Trivial with the manifold off of course. If you remove the intake manifold, consider valley pan, intake manifold gaskets and you'll probably need a new ccv breather pipe (I bent mine removing manifold).
Best to remove intake manifold to do ccv, replace valley pan gasket while it is easily accessible. Might as well replace water pump/thermostat, replace all hoses, replace radiator, expansion tank, etc, etc, etc. (sorry!!)
There are two ways of tackling the problems you have. Depends on how much you want to get involved with preventative maintenance. I assume you do your own work (any weekend mechanic with some common sense and patience can do these jobs).

Option 1: replace CCV with manifold still on car. Not that difficult as people make it out to be. Just go slowly, and take care not to rush and risk rounding out a head. It***8217;s definitely doable (this was the first thing I ever fixed on my BMW). There***8217;s a very good DIY somewhere on here. Independently, replace the water pump on the front of the engine. Not a difficult task again, but time consuming.

Pros: Can do the CCV one day, and then the water pump another day. Unrelated jobs. Easier on the wallet. Fixes the problems at hand.
Cons: doesn***8217;t take care of preventative maintenance. Slightly difficult work position for CCV.

Option 2: remove intake manifold. Change CCV, water pump, and valley pan gasket all at once.

Pros: Preventative maintenance all set. Easier to access certain components (CCV, water pump, coolant pipes under manifold).
Cons: Can get pricey with the cost of all the manifold gaskets, rear water manifold gaskets, coolant pipe o-rings (under manifold), etc. Job will be more time consuming and the car might be down for 2 days or more, depending on how quickly you work. I prefer to go slow as a mistake will only make you have to tear everything apart again.

Weigh the options, make a choice. You should be fine either way.
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