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I searched but couldn't find it so I apologize if this has been answered before...

What are the tranny shift points for the 4 modes on a 550?

comfort +
sport +

I'm curious if there is a difference in tranny shift points between comfort+ & comfort (i know the chasis is softer), likewise w/ the sport & sport+.

Is there a table/graph/or something - be interested in seeing the difference between the 4 w/ regards to chasis dampening & shift points?

FWIW - i do have SAT if that makes any difference, no ARS...

Thanks in advance,


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There is no table or graph. And there would not be, as the shift points are not fixed, they vary based on a multitude of factors.

But the answer depends.

Comfort plus, comfort will be the same always.
Sport can either be the same as the C and C+ depending on how you have Sport "configured" in the iDrive (chassis, powertrain or both)
Sport plus will have the more aggressive settings.

You can access the more aggressive setting in C, C+ and S by simply putting the shift lever into sport mode.

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The fixed shift point that I am familiar with is at 7,000 rpms. :thumbup:
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