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6 Series Lease deals. (640i/650i)

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Please post the 6 series lease prices you got from dealers as a tracker to help others.

I Just leased a 2013 BMW 650i convertible in TX for 1013/mo.incl taxes.
Base Vehicle $93,000
300 Alpine White $0
4CV Fine line Oak Wood $0
NAEX Ivory White Exclusive Nappa leather $0
2FG 19" Star-spoke wheels (Style 367) with all-season tires $0
6NR BMW Apps $250
Del Destination & Handling $895
Total (Without Taxes) $94,145 (Invoice $86,865)

Paid 0 down, 1013/mo lease 10K miles 36mo. Residual 56% around $52,000 at end of lease. Is this a good deal? All inputs appreciated.
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Cool.. what was the Money factor and SELLING price?:thumbup: And the residual is 55%..52% plus 3% for 10,000 miles.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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