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60k maintenance - report

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Guys, Got my 2009 335i 60k maintenance done by an Indy @ Issaquah.

Oil change
Spark Plugs
Air Filter
Differential oil change
Coolant change
Annual Inspection

Total Cost $970

Indy recommended Tran fluid chance @ 70k-80k miles..

Throw in your .02 cents !
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My indy charged ~$350 for my transmission fluid change. I have the 328 AT so maybe that counts for something. I am at 61K and my next move will be to have fluids changed on: Differential X2, Transfer Case, Coolant, and Power Steering. Beyond the fluids I suppose the spark plugs and serp belt and air filter could use a little attention. I plan on driving for 150K so messing around with cutting corners is not an option for me.
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