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60k maintenance - report

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Guys, Got my 2009 335i 60k maintenance done by an Indy @ Issaquah.

Oil change
Spark Plugs
Air Filter
Differential oil change
Coolant change
Annual Inspection

Total Cost $970

Indy recommended Tran fluid chance @ 70k-80k miles..

Throw in your .02 cents !
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I Drive my 335i , Like I stole it. Did get a free brake as part of "free maintenance".
The real question is , Will the dealer do the Trans oil change or the power steering fluid and how much it will cost.

And my main intention starting this thread - Get feed back from the community ;-)
Isn't that expensive. Iam now not repenting my decision to but extended maint for 2200/-. Iam sure one brake job and the 60k service will recoup my investment.
Was not sure if the stealership changed it. I agreed for the spark plugs to be changed.
Ken told me that , annual inspection is due in 2700 miles ( according to car computer ? )

annual check included brakes, cooling system, check power steering fuild etc and resulted in 1 fault for cabin sensor. They just cleared it as the part was not available.

Thanks for the input, Appreciate it.
Didn't you get the spark plugs changed at 45K? If so, ask Ken for a refund.
There is no "annual inspection" required. What did they look at?
Trans oil change

Indy Quoted $800 for Trans oil change .. Is that accurate ?

@ Alpine300ZHP -> Then what goes in to 90k service ?
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