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630i 2005 - Idle Hiccups - No codes HELP!

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So just by the title another N52 idle problem

Car just started acting wierd as in idle HICCUPS 30 RPM ⬇ every 3 seconds.
Feels just like misfire but with no codes stored.

Actions taken: Replaced 6 Spark Plugs ,
6 Ignitions Coils ,
Valve Cover Gasket along with timing chain (BMR Dartford) (UK)
New Vanos Solenoids.

Nothing changed car continues to hiccup every 3 seconds in P/R/N/D Even when rev holding at 2K
BMR said to me that it's the injectors but I highly doubt it because , yesterday i Disconnected the ECCENTRIC SHAFT sensor , started the car , idle was perfect , no more Jerking or Hiccups.

by disconnecting the sensor the car did throw 3 codes , but it's because sensor was disconected.

Question is , can this Sensor cause this sort of hiccups without throwing fault code?

Video 1 (will upload more videos tomorrow)

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Did you reset the adaptations on the motor with the new Vanos solenoids. The DME does not know they are new, & is trying to adjust them like the old ones that were installed.
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