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645 headlight adjuster problem

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New to the forum so please bear with me!
At the weekend, one of the ds2 xenon bulbs started to turn pink, so I decided to change both as the car is now 11 years old. However, this morning I noticed when they do their "self check" (run the full travel up and down) they seem to be sticking and only moving slightly.
They then stay facing at the lowest point.
Any tips before I look again?

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Strange they should both go at the same time just after you've done a bulb change, it shouldn't be the bulb but just for piece of mind I'd put one of the old ones back in just to make sure.
Do you have any errors come up on the dash or via laptop/software if you have it?
Also, on the headlight switch, you'll have a green light, is this on constantly or flashing?
When driving do they still turn left and right and lastly, if you switch the lights on to the right on the switch (non-adaptive) are they still in their lowest position or have they moved up to where they should be?
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