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645 Rear Wheel Bearing

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Anyone replaced the rear wheel bearing on a 6? If so is it a tricky job - any special tools needed or should I just let a garage do it?

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Check the link below for the instructions. I would think it would be fairly easy! This is the online BMW repair manual!

Good Luck!
You need a special tool to pull the drive flange. I would not try this myself.

Drive Flange removal instructions.

Wheel bearing instructions.

After removing the drive flange you need to pull the bearing. From the mechanics I've talked to this can either be easy (the bearing drops out) or hard (bearing need to be pressed out and will be destroyed during the procedure).
Thanks Guys... the good news is that the problem turned out to be the lower ball joint.
Garage is doing it Today.
Bump anyone do this job yet? Where can I rent / buy the special tools?
bump anyone? having trouble removing the drive flange
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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