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650i lights (headlights and tail lights) keep flashing and then stays on after turning off the car

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Hello forum, I have a 650i LCI from 2008. For a week I have been experiencing electrical problems after turning off the car. When I turn it off, the headlights, tail lights and break light keep flickering for a while and then they keep on so I have to turn the switch on and off until they finally turn off. According to my mechanics diagnosis, a CAS module error appears on the scanner. I would like to know your opinion, what else can I review or discard before making a decision about the CAS module change.
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i dont know that model AT ALL, but the CAS doesnt really feel like it should be causing lighting issues...dunno.

I would like to see the fault codes pointing to the CAS, & why didn't he query the CAS module while the diagnostics were running? The CAS might be seeing symptoms from another module, like the LM module? There possibly be moisture issues in the headlights, causing the lighting modules to short due to moisture? Have you been seeing condensation in your headlights, & have you had any low voltage warnings on the dash? When you have strange electrical issues like this, always start with the battery voltage at the jump terminal. Turn the key on along with the headlights, with the engine off. Measure your battery voltage at the jump terminal to make sure it is above 12 volts. Anything less than this can causing strange electrical problems.
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