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Hello, I am long time lurker from Europe :)

My problem is that when I press the gaspedal the car revs go up really slow from 2000-> and missfires on cylinder 1 and/or 2 and sometimes 4 when it hits ~3500+ rpm. Also the cars speed doesn't go up at the same rate as the engine revs. This problem doesn't occure when I have the car in neutral or park then it is as rev happy as ever.

I have
- Changed plugs.
- Switched coils around. Bought one new Bosch Coil to test with.
- Checked fuel pressure at the pump.
- Fuel filter was changed 2015.

If it was the cat wouldn't be noticable at N or P also if it was clogged?
Is this a symptom of dirty or failing injectors?

INPA Rough reading with N

INPA Rough reading with P

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