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'82 633 csi fuses

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My '82 633 csi keeps burning up fuses for the power sunroof & the air conditioner/blower. The car is new to me & doesn't appear to have any non standard accessories, unless the Blaupunkt cassette deck was installed after the fact. Anyone else had this problem?
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For the sunroof, try lubing the tracks. It's hard to believe how much drag there is on the tracks in an unlubricated sunroof. I'd tried regular grease with limited success, Then I found this stuff, and it is excellent for the job:

The difference it made in the ease of operation on the sunroofs I've used it on was incredible.

Which fuse is blowing on the AC?
Thanks, hornhospital!

I'll try lubing the tracks. The other fuse that's failing is for both the A/C and the blower--it's a 25amp fuse.
Does the blower fan run when the fuse is replaced, even for a little bit, or does it instantly blow the fuse?
The fan seems to operate for awhile before failing--it's hard to tell how long, as I live in SoCal & haven't been using it much yet (I've only had the car for 2 weeks). I 1st noticed the burnt blower/A/C fuse when investigating the problem with the power sunroof. I put in a new fuse & a few days later, noticed that, although the blower was working, the fuse looked like it was not long for this world.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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