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Hey all! Me ol' bmdubya no want to go. I was hoping for some thoughts on this.

So I have a 1983 528e. It's been a great runner until it wasn't. So this is what it's has been doing: it began to stall at stop lights and hard accelerating (such a merging on the freeway). Now it won't fire at all. It turns over fast and furiously but won't fire.

Here is what I know: the plugs are good and still delivering spark, it will fire then die with starting fluid, so that tells me it's getting air, spark, and the injectors still work. The injectors are all still opening and closing, I had listened to each one click during starting. They are also getting 12 volts during accessory mode and 3 during cranking. I then checked to see if it was getting fuel, I have no pressure gauge so I don't know the fuel pressure but I disconnected the fuel line at the fuel rail and can fill up a 16ounce water bottle in about 3 seconds (it was the only thing I had to catch fuel). I also have fuel coming out of the return line. I then replaced my fuel pressure regulator because it was leaking through the vacuum line.

I am completely stumped. It seems to be getting air, spark, and fuel but it still won't fire. If you have any suggestions, opinions, experiences, or questions please share!

Sincerely, Stuck driving the yota gas hog
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