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93 318i electrical problem

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hey everyone,

i was wondering if anyone could help me out cuz i drive a 93 318i and i have this weird electrical glitch where my lights flicker. like dim out then in really quickly. and im talking about all my lights; from headlights to gauges, to clock to everything. they just randomly start dimming and usually its when im sitting at idle, and when the rpm rises a little, it usually goes away. i'm thinking that it might be the alternator, but when i did a diag test on it, the output was in the normal range, so i'm not actually sure if it is the alternator. also, along with the dimming, sometimes my check engine light will flicker on and off which is driving me crazy cuz i cant get a computer diagnostic on it unless the check engine light stays on. :mad: if anyone has had a similar problem or have any good idea of what could be the problem, please let me know.

thank you much

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i had this problem with my 93 325i and it was the alternator. i ws told it needs to be takin off for a accurate reading on it. my lights would flicker and the gear lights would come on and the battery light would do the same. you might want to take off the alternator and see if that makes a difference if you want. but when my lights were doing that my alternator soon after stopped working,
any other possibilities?
btw thanks hopes
and someone else told me it might be a wires down by the tranny that melt and then they get grounded out. so it does things to the eletrical. that could be a possibilty, but its something
ill be sure to check that out this weekend. do you know what the wires are for?
I think i might have the same problem as you. I own a 1996 BMW 318i, whenever i stop & idel my lights dim interior lights dim, and whenever i put the windows up, the lights start dimin and the engine starts idling hard. I personally would see this as being normal because the car is almost 9 years old, and with a car this old you bound to have some problems. It is annoying and kinda freaky problem. The funny thing i also a 2000 528i model the lights don't dim when i idle but they do dim when i put the windows up. Which gets me mad considering its only 5 years old. I hope me and t1kim could get some more expert advise into this matter. :dunno:
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