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94 318i hard cold start

1997 4
:dunno::dunno::dunno:turns over fine but it takes about 3-4 tries to fire up then sputters for a few seconds and purrs right up...tried most of the basics, fuel/air filter/plugs...thanks for all the help..o btw the car is
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oh, I am wanting to do a overnight fuel pressure test...where is a convenient place to attach a fuel pressure gage?

When the sun is less intense Ill be taking my fuel pressure to determine if the fuel pump check thingy isnt holding pressure or if its the FPR

Only place I know to take fuel pressure on the e36 is at the fuel pump (Under the backseat Passenger side)
follow this thread too... Dino is having the same problem.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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